Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BLAST + other work

BLAST, another book with Scott Robertson, Danny Gardner and myself is finished and off to press. Unlike DRIVE we did not work on this full-time. Instead it took our evenings and weekends between jobs to finish it over the past year.
While DRIVE focused on land vehicles- this book focuses on spaceships. We did not limit ourselves to anything specific as a guideline for the book (aside from spaceships) and it was to be whatever direction we each wanted to pursue. There is no collaboration in this book and it is an interpretation from the three of us separated into three different chapters. I think each of us brought something different to the table, adding diversity to the book. Not to mention that Scott is featuring amazing guest artists in the last chapter and also gave them free reign.
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Here is a sneak-peek at some of my work in the book:

More to come!
Here are a select few pieces from my 5th term at Art Center.