Monday, November 14, 2011

Boris + The Beatles

Here's an animation I did a few weeks ago. A little rough but I got much out of it that I wanted to accomplish. The assignment was to create a 15 second animation... so it's a little fast. If I have time, i would go back and stretch out some of the timing to give it a little room to breathe.
It was based off the song "The long and winding road" by the Beatles. I took some of the lyrics and created frames/text to match the moods. A story I've been developing on a little guy named Boris and his love for Dina. In this small version, Dina has broken his heart and he's running toward her house over a span of a day and night.

lyrics: The beatles, "the long and winding road"
music: by Aldo

For this animation, I wanted to animate Boris running. It was my first drawn out frame by frame animation and took forever to figure out. But I learned much from it. His running is still awkward and the weight distribution isn't really there at all... but it's enough for now. Here it is:

And here is my concept-art that I developed for all of this. It was a little bit of unnecessary design work for this specific scene, but I wanted to treat it with as thoroughly as I could within the time I had. Plus it's always fun to flesh out a design and it's details.